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Sound design Studio


  • We are professional composers that offer services for creating soundtracks, sound effects, sound implementations and much more.
  • Much of our work has been utilized with big and indie game studios.
  • We have lots of experience in the field of sound design;
  • Our team quickly creates unique and original sounds for your game.

Sound design


  • Thanks to the use of audio engines such as (FMOD Studio and WWise), our team will help to integrate sounds and adaptive music.
  • Our final stage of development includes the debugging process. With the use of profilers, we help balance CPU and memory usage.

Demo reel 2018

Example of us creating sounds and music for a game


  • The Unliving

  • Skylore

  • Heroes of Magic

  • Standoff 2

  • Wrack: Exoverse

  • Roundrick: Briсk Breaker

  • Battle Sheeps

  • Friendly farm

  • Cradle Of Magic

  • Capture the word

  • Clash of Cats

  • Fluffy Dreams

    Our clients

    Rocket Brush Studio
    Red Machine
    Final Boss Entertainment

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