Wrack: Exoverse

Around December of 2017, we were hired to make sounds and music for a first-person shooter game called Wrack: Exoverse.

The style of the game is similar to tower defense. It means you're defending your base against waves of enemies! There are more than 30 different weapons to use to kill your enemies.

We've created a short video on how we make a sound design for the Rifle.

The best part though is that the game is procedurally generated. So you will never play the same level twice.

That's why we couldn't use classic types of sound implementation. We decided to use middleware called FMOD Studio. With FMOD we have the opportunity to create interactive sounds for each part of the game. All sounds are generated from different layers with random changes, just like the levels in the game.

Learn more about the game by clicking this link:: http://www.wrackgame.com 

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