Game Audio Demo Reel

In this video tutorial we would like to show you some of the techniques that we use when composing non-linear music for our clients.

  1. Themes
  2. Instrumentation
  3. Transitions
  4. Sound Design

The concept of the sound of the music we compose were based from the free asset Survival Shooter game that we downloaded from the online unity asset store.

When composing music, you must remember to stick to the theme of the game. In this case we wanted to portray a magical atmosphere with a few aspects of horror since the game is about a baby who dreams of fighting off toy enemies.

Instrumentation inlcudes woodwinds that are set to the tempo of the enemies when they walk. You can hear that we implemented a Celesta to help keep the music "magical" You'll notice the instrumentation changed while we kept the same musical motif implemented by adding brass.

The transitions are always short and include a tempo change. The end transition also changes to a slower tempo.

We incorporated a randomized Volume and Modulation wheel to help to keep the sounds effects fresh and new.

FMOD. Music event

You can listen to whole track we comosed for the game:

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