Interactive music

In this video tutorial, we would like to show you our techniques on how to prepare and utilize musical techniques using a program called "FMOD."

When working for clients that have no musical ideas on their projects, we utilize a system that best helps us find what music works best.

  1. Find a reference track
  2. Create several demos
  3. Get an approval from the developers

Once we get the ok from our developers, we then begin to utilize FMOD to create non-linear music. But why use FMOD?

  1. It gives the composers more freedom
  2. Requires less feedback from developers
  3. Is easy to use
  4. Requires little coding work
  5. Resembles a DAW layout that is familiar to us

The linear music is composed of three parts:

  • Intro music
  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Within each parts of the music we composed three different variants to each part. When composing multiple variants, we want to make sure that the music is similar but different. We do this by using similar chord progressions, use different melodies, and use interchangeable percussion parts. This keeps the music flowing but keeps it fresh and always new.

FMOD gives us the ability to use randomized music choices. When the music hits a transition marker, the music is randomized selecting one of three variants in the specific sections of the music. We do the same thing for our sound effects as well.

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