Sound of mobile shooters

Sound of mobile shooters Recently AK Audio team has designed a video prototype of how mobile shooters could sound. In this video, we are showing the redesign of shots, the dynamic mix (the term means that the prior sounds are highlighted in the necessary moments), the occlusion and diffraction systems (the physical process which makes sound waves stream around the obstacle) and the ambient sounds. This video compares the prototype to the original game sound and also deconstructs the layers of...

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How we have created sound design and music for Skylore

HOW WE HAVE CREATED SOUND DESIGN AND MUSIC FOR SKYLORE At the end of 2017, our team started to work on Skylore - a new mobile MMORPG with special talent system to make a unique hero and fight with enemies, inimitable story and splendid 2D graphics to dive into the fantasy atmosphere, and vivid vast open world to explore. A Sound design concept Discussing how Skylore would sound, our team concluded that the gameplay should evoke feelings of joy to bring the greatest immersion for the player....

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Music and sound in Wrack: Exoverse

Wrack: Exoverse is a first-person shooter with tower defense elements. A character should defend the base: build turrets and kill all waves of enemies. The project is huge: there are many types of enemies, weapons, and ambiance. Today цу will tell you about the most interesting ideas we used to build the sound.

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Sound design with our own voice

Not long ago we were working on sound design for grenade launcher called the Thumper. To get the right idea for the sound we started recording the sound of my voice while watching the animation of the weapon. From the recording, we have 2 parts of the sound. The first could be synthesized with a noise oscillator and the second with tonal waves.

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Wrack: Exoverse

Around December of 2017, we were hired to make sounds and music for a first-person shooter game called Wrack: Exoverse. The style of the game is similar to tower defense. It means you're defending your base against waves of enemies! There are more than 30 different weapons to use to kill your enemies.

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Medieval village

We just finished making music and sounds for a an interesting game called Battle Sheep. Battle Sheep is a real-time strategy with RPG elements. In the game there is a place called Medieval village, the place where you upgrade your castle and characters. The picture looks cartoonish and the music should fit the picture. We are not looking for epic or dark music but rather fantasy and cute. We decided to create a simple melody in Dorian mode which gives this medieval mood to the track. We also didn't...

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World of Tanks remix

We are excited to present our remix for the "World of Tanks" Login Screen theme. We spent a long time making electronic dance music. Actually, we start producing music since 2004. In this remix, we combined nu-disco feel harmony and melody along with heavy basses.

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Fantasy character sound design

We are making sounds for the very interesting game that is a tower defense style. The game is about a fantasy world with magical creatures such as Golems, Gryphons, zombies, yetis and so on. I need to create an attack, spawn, and death sound for each creature. Most of the time I needed to record sounds with my voice. My voice mostly suits the sound for a gnome or an elf but not really for a huge angry creature. Yet every character sound is used with my processed voice.

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Sound design of sci-fi weapon

There are many ways to create sci-fi texture sounds. You will need to know how to use synthesizers as well as know how and lots of inspiration. A sound of future weapon should consist of several layers: loading gun sound, a sound of metallic parts the impact sound of the shot It could also have a sound when a gun cools down after shooting plasma echo sound

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Sounds in Roundrick

In this video, I would like to show you an interesting approach I've made for making sounds in the game called Roundrick. First of all, let me show you a quick clip of the gameplay. Pay attention to the sounds.

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Craddle of Magic

Cradle of Magic is the first release of several projects we have worked on with Red Machine Games. It is an online multiplayer battle game that combines a role-playing game with resources time management strategy and 1on1 battles against other network players using magic power from magic cards. Music and sound effects we composed for the project were medieval and adventure based. We incorporated our musical ideas into a beautiful arrangement that perfectly fit the gameplay. Download the game today...

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