Сейчас мы озвучиваем один очень интересный проект под названием Battle Sheeps. Это стратегия в реальном времени с элементами ролевой игры. Мы занимаемся созданием всего звукового и музыкального оформления в игре. 

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We are excited to present our remix for the "World of Tanks" Login Screen theme.
We spent a long time making electronic dance music. Actually, we start producing music since 2004.

In this remix, we combined nu-disco feel harmony and melody along with heavy basses.

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We are making sounds for the very interesting game that is a tower defense style. The game is about a fantasy world with magical creatures such as Golems, Gryphons, zombies, yetis and so on. I need to create an attack, spawn, and death sound for each creature. Most of the time I needed to record sounds with my voice. My voice mostly suits the sound for a gnome or an elf but not really for a huge angry creature. Yet every character sound is used with my processed voice.

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There are many ways to create sci-fi texture sounds. You will need to know how to use synthesizers as well as know how and lots of inspiration.

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This is the short trailer of the game we finished not while ago. Friendly Farm is farm clicker game with funny characters and lots of fun!

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