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Sound design Studio


  • We are professional composers that offer services for creating soundtracks, sound effects, sound implementations and much more.
  • Much of our work has been utilized with big and indie game studios.
  • We have lots of experience in the field of sound design;
  • Our team quickly creates unique and original sounds for your game.

Sound design


  • Thanks to the use of audio engines such as (FMOD Studio and WWise), our team will help to integrate sounds and adaptive music.
  • Our final stage of development includes the debugging process. With the use of profilers, we help balance CPU and memory usage.

Example of us creating sounds and music for a game


  • Standoff 2

  • Wrack: Exoverse

  • Roundrick: Briсk Breaker

  • Battle Sheeps

  • Friendly farm

  • Cradle Of Magic

  • Capture the word

  • Clash of Cats

  • Fluffy Dreams

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